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Let's Learn together

For the last couple of years, we have work closely with many home owners, to get their driveway replaced, new patios, outdoor kitchens and many projects to not just improve the house curve appeal, but to take advantage of every space of the house.

2020, has been a very challenging year for many people and the we have notice a shift in the priorities of the home owners. Before our house was the place to spend time with the family after a long day at work, or to wine down after taking the kids to soccer practice.

Now our house has become, an office, a daycare, a classroom, playground and vacations place. Now we are taking care of our families and we want to have enough space for everyone.

When I said on the title of this blog, let's lear together, I mean lets lear how to pick the right contractor, how to pick the right materials, rebars or not rebars? (that's the question), pavers or concrete for my patio?. Every week I will post an answer for the most common questions our clients and friend have about our industry.

So let's learn together!!!

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